Covid-19 policy

I have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with the Pfizer vaccine, as of 25 June, 2021. (see right)

All work conducted by myself or any employees will adhere to the six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces, as outlined by the Victorian Government here

This includes:

1. Practising physical distancing
All workers on assignment will maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres from other people, where possible.

2. Wearing a face mask
Masks will be worn at all times at all sites utilised in the commissioned job. The only exception would be during an address to camera or other live broadcasting where masks would impede the task. 

3. Practising good hygiene
All equipment will be cleaned before and after use.

4. Keep electronic records and act quickly
All sites utilised in the commission will be logged. The first sign of any flu symptoms will suspend a commission and lead to testing and isolation.

5. Avoiding interactions in enclosed spaces
All shooting will be conducted in the best distanced and ventilated spaces, where possible.

6. Creating workforce bubbles
Only people essential to the agreed commission will be present on the worksite.